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    {SETHLISAMASTAHA V1D'fAH, RAMHADJ. RESEARCH LECTURER IN TAMIL. AHHAMALAI UHWERSITY. ANHAMALAE Umvmsnn. AHNAMALA! iNAGAR. This book about the Religious connection between Island and Hindu in story type . ALBERT SCHWEITZER. guardtertorsmaxbank.mlanian. Chennai:Puthagu Ulagam. is a most popular online book library. download all books just single click. If your want to read online, please click any book and wait few.

    Because of the western influence, there are many benefits for the Tamil lexicography. Some of them are the following — 1. Lexicons which were in the poetic form under the name Nikandus were written in individual word style enabling many people to read them easily. Alphabetic order was considered before only for the first or second letter of words. With the advent of the Europeans, alphabetic order was followed to the last letter of the words. The rare and difficult words alone found place in the old Nikandus. But since the Europeans learnt Tamil newly, they could not differentiate a difficult word with an easy word. Hence they compiled the hard and easy words in Tamil and thus gave out the hoard of Tamil words in full form. To propagate Christianity they had to move with uneducated simple folk and so they gathered the words the.

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    Psychiatry and Tamil history

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    Herbal Net: Dharma downloads: Yoga articles and Yoga texts for download. In this letter, I try to give a chronology of the recorded mental health concepts in the Tamil culture.

    They describe Him as attired in elephant and tiger skins, and dancing in the cremation grounds during night time.

    An early, if not the earliest, description of an individual, with probable hebephrenic schizophrenia, wandering in the streets of ancient city of Puhar of the Chola Empire on the eastern Indian coast is eluded to by the poet Sathanar in his great Buddhist epic of Manimekalai: Fixed on his tattered garments were twigs which he had gathered from the highest branches of the trees. His body was smeared with a mixture of ashes and sandalwood paste.

    He responded with insults and obscene or senseless words to those who addressed him. He wept, rolled about on the ground, wailed, uttered strange cries, and prostrated himself, stood up, turned round and round until he became dizzy.

    He ran, then squatted in some corner where he stayed a long time without moving.

    The concepts of mental illness, phenomenology and treatments are elaborated in the ancient Siddha Tamil system of medicine which we have elaborated in a recent publication. Somasundaram et al. The various intoxicating drinks and prominent personalities of those times using them are to be found in the ancient Tamil Sangam literature of circa 2nd century CE upon which we have tried to throw some light in another recent publication Somasundaram et al.

    The treatment of the mentally ill in an institutional setup attached to a vaishnavite temple of the late Chola period 13th century CE is found in the epigraphs of the temple at Thirumukkoodal in Kanchipuram district of Tamil Nadu. It alludes to treatment of various disorders including mental ones with various herbs, drugs and their preparation by various workers and staff of the temple-hospital complex Raghavan et al.

    There are also references to various residential setups appropriately http: All rights reserved. The apparent mirage of stability comes with the establishment of East India Company in the 16th—17th centuries and subsequent takeover by the British kingdom in the midth century. Mentally ill were looked after in the erstwhile Madras presidency in the mad houses of Connolly and Dalton and the lunatic asylum of Madras, we have made some description about this in an earlier publication Somasundaram, The concept of mental health is not unknown to the early Tamils.

    The poet Thiruvalluvar in his work Thirukkural refers to it thus: Mananalam mannuirk akkam Meaning: Healthy living, both physical and mental, are very well delineated in the early Sangam literature, and writings of subsequent centuries, especially by the Jain and Buddhist poets and other secular poets.

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    We would like to suggest that the reading of the Tamil literature by psychiatrists would be a worthwhile exercise. It should be noted that most of the works have been translated into English and other Indian languages and are available to the interested readers.

    References Aiyar, V. Thirukkural — English Translation. Sri Ramakrishna Tapovanam, Tiruchirappalli.

    Silappadikaram — Manimekalai. Orient Longman, Madras.