BioWare's best-selling franchise Dragon Age lives on in these canonical comics from Dark Horse. Dragon Age lead writer David Gaider pens an exciting tale. Hailed as the RPG of the Decade by PC Gamer magazine, Dragon Age: Origins Dragon Age, volume 1 collects issues # of IDW's Dragon Age comic book. David Gaider Dragon Age Series 5 Books Collection Set (Stolen Throne, . This is definitely not for casual comic readers, but for serious Dragon Age fans.

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    Dragon Age Comic Book

    Dragon Age is a dark fantasy role-playing video game series created by Canadian developer . Three graphic novels and a series of comic books have also been released: Dragon Age, a page story written by Orson Scott Card with the. Digital comic Dragon Age: The Silent Grove Published by Dark Horse Comics The comic series is also included in the hardcover book Dragon Age Library. The first volume of the guide book, Dragon Age: The World of Thedas The second comic to be released was Dragon Age by IDW, published on 1 March

    Set in an unspecified period of time , the series follows Gleam, the daughter of a mage born from a forbidden relationship with a Templar. Gleam was raised outside of her parents' world by a blacksmith and develops the same magic powers as her mother. Advertisement: The series contains examples of following tropes: Ambiguous Time Period : Gleam's story is notoriously difficult to place into the overarching timeline of the series , as the comic contains very few references to canonical events and is, in turn, never referenced by any later installments. The only clue seems to be the presence of Knight-Commander Greagoir, who has been in charge of the Circle Tower since about Dragon according to World of Thedas, Vol. The DA fan wiki places the comic between The Calling and Dawn of the Seeker in the chronology, but this appears to be pure conjecture. Advertisement: The Blacksmith : Gleam and her adoptive father.

    Weeks pass by and Veness confides herself to Abernath, saying that Sadatt refuses to talk to her.

    Dragon Age (2010 IDW) comic books

    Abernath consoles her, saying that mages and templars belong to different worlds. As he hugs her to calm her down, it is witnessed by Sadatt, who suspects the two of them have a relationship.

    Eight months later the templars find out Veness was hiding pregnancy. As the First Enchanter is away, Greagoir interrogates her on his own to find out who the father is.

    When she answers him with silence, Greagoir loses patience and slaps her.

    He orders the templar who brought her to take her away and inform the Circle that two mages were intimate. All male mages are gathered and a spell to detect the father of the child is cast upon each of them. After an hour and twelve mages ruled out, Greagoir orders Sadatt to bring Abernath in.

    As they enter, the spell detects the father. The Knight-Commander then advises Abernath to confess being the father and in exchange the child will be taken away, but both the parents will live.

    Abernath reports to Veness that he told the templars that he is the father, and in this way, he saved her life since the truth - that Sadatt was father - would lead to execution.

    He tells her that he did it out of love and that she will learn to love him one day as well.

    But Veness cannot accept the fact that her child will have to be taken away, and thus she escapes from the tower, becoming an apostate. Greagoir orders Sadatt to go after her, as his final test. He hands him Veness's phylactery and orders him to kill her once he captures her.

    In the woods Veness gives birth to a daughter. She encounters a travelling blacksmith named Ormo Kettlemaker whom she asks to take Gleam in the name of the Maker upon hearing he lives far away from the tower.

    She then stumbles back into the forest Meanwhile, back at the tower a genlock emerges from Lake Calenhad and murders two templars whilst sneaking. It is revealed that it is being mind controlled by The Man of Light and he intends to kill Greagoir for murdering maleficarum. It makes his way to Greagoir's room, but before it kills him, he wakes up.

    Dark Horse Comics to Publish New Dragon Age Comic Set in Kirkwall

    Other templars are made aware of their leader's danger and step in. The fight break out and they end up outside of the tower. During the struggle the genlock jumps off the ledge, taking one of the templars with it; they die upon impact. In its last words the Man of Light promises to come back. Back in the forest Sadatt catches up to Veness.

    When asked where the child is, she lies to protect Gleam by saying she killed her son and buried him because he was Sadatt's child. Sadatt doesn't believe her, saying that he loved her, but knew she was involved with Abernath and that's why he abandoned her. He then proceeds to kill her and burn her body.

    Dark Horse Comics

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