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40k Codex Inquisition - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online . Codex Adeptus Arbites - 7th Ed. Uploaded by. forishm. Codex: Adeptus. The Inquisition is the most powerful organisation of the Imperium's many torrent of azure flame that burns far hotter than any normal blaze ever could. [40k] 7th edition Codex: Inquisition making this codex available as both a fully interactive iBook (requires iBooks for Mac or iOS) and a PDF.

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Inquisition Codex 7th Edition Pdf

Codex: Adepta Sororitas Codex: Inquisition The Emporers Hand The Inquisitorial Ordos Ordo Malleus Ordo Xenos Ordo Hereticus. 6th ed had a pdf only Inquisition codex. 7th ed had an Imperial Agents codex that printed the 6th ed Inquisition and Sisters of Battle pdfs with a. If you are reading this codex, then you have already taken your first steps into the The Grey Knights were created alongside the Inquisition and their goals Grand Master Covan Leorac, Representative to the Inquisition, commands the 7th.

Ce document au format PDF 1. Taille du document: Fichiers publics: Adepta Sororitas Codex: What right have you to judge what is sane and what is not? I have fought with the shadows on the edge of your vision. I have seen the faces that laugh at you in your nightmares. I have smelt the foetid breath that issues from the mouth of hell itself. I have heard the silent voices that make your spine tingle with dread.

Stasis weapons could make an awesome mechanic; given that officially they're gone it might be interesting to give them a Legion of the Damned vibe, showing up when they're needed, but never sticking around long enough to explain what's happened to them?

Actually the Hellrifle is current as of the latest official Inquisition codex, and was in the Grey Knights codex too I think. Hellguns have pretty much been abandoned in favour of Hot-shot las weapons, so I kind of liked the idea of re-imagining them as something slightly different.

Thanks, these were another one I desperately wanted to be more like the fluff, as in the Eisenhorn books the Daemonhosts are incredibly powerful, whereas the older rules are just too unreliable to be of much use. Applying the same idea to a Daemonblade is interesting, the current form is from the existing digital release. The big problem with Daemonblades is that the randomness is a bit like Warlord Traits; they make it very difficult to build your Inquisitor for a particular role, as most of the time I find that I roll abilities that aren't much use against my intended target, or that make my Inquisitor much better suited to a target he's going to struggle to get to.

Using the same mechanism as the Daemonhosts would a bit, since you can risk disaster in order to get another chance at the ability you really wanted, but it still makes it a tough item to build around. I have had another idea though; instead of one big table the Daemonblades could use say two or three small tables themed around different abilities such as character killing, monster killing or mass damage. The tables wouldn't be random, but instead you have two points to assign allowing you to unlock the first ability of two tables, or first two abilities of one table , with abilities starting relatively weak but becoming much more powerful and more unreliable as you progress, and the ability to earn more points for kills?

It's definitely a tough area to get right, as too random makes it tough to use, which isn't as big an issue with the Daemonhost as it's fast enough to find something to hurt whatever powers your roll.

Creation of a Daemonhost is a shaky subject even for the Ordo Malleus as are other radical practices like daemonblades and xenotech, to a degree.

40k Codex Inquisition

Such heresy is usually part of an individual Inquisitor's gradual corruption, no matter how well-meaning they were when they began. The rules being flexible on the individual level is one of the defining aspects of Inquisitors, I feel, so it's important that they have access to all manner of things that might not be allowed by their Ordo. It's a difficult subject. The Pariah is intended purely for protection from psychic power and possibly Daemons , so that is the angle that should be explored most with their rules.

But how? Would ripping the Psychic Abomination rule from the Culexus be too much? Simplicity is something that should be striven for in a ruleset. Debuffing enemies is a difficult thing to balance especially per-model effects in units , which is why I favour basing the Siphon on the Inquisitor's defence rather than a drain effect on an enemy. As for the negatives, there could be a table as much as I hate random tables, it feels appropriate when dealing with hostile entities outside of one's control, like daemons that includes things like Unwieldy, while the worst results e.

Could a "battle of wills" roll work, using the Inquisitor's Leadership against some sort of quantity that relates to the daemon's power? Long time since my last update! I've changed quite a bit, but I've been so bad at keeping track that I don't remember much of it, suffice to say it's lots and lots of tweaks throughout. Here's the main things I can remember: Ordo Xenos now have Codex: Deathwatch as their chamber militant. Unfortunately I still don't have access to this codex so I haven't modified the task force list much as I don't know what still makes sense to offer as options, or what the force composition should look like, so… yeah The Psyker Grade Delta Credo can now be applied to a Sanctioned Psyker, this allows a non-Psyker Inquisitor to bring a dangerously powerful sanctioned psyker to the field if they like.

This is somewhat risky in that sanctioned psykers are not the most durable characters, unlike an Inquisitor that can be toughened up with lashings of wargear, but Wyrdvane Psykers can make them somewhat less explode-y.

I've removed cavalry mounts and bikes from the list; my primary reason is that after changing some other stuff the options and entries didn't fit on pages, weak reason but then there have never been suitable models anyway. I might try to rejig some stuff to fit them back in though, as this list like any good Inquisition list is partially aimed towards conversion happy maniacs, so model availability isn't strictly and issue.

I've split up the relics into four sections, so that now each Ordo has specialist relics, but there are also some general relics that any inquisitor can take. This includes a fun variant of a stasis bomb. I've simplified the Plasma Syphon a bit; it now just accumulates charge and fires it, no more penalty to enemy weapons as it's just too difficult to do both without ending up with a full page of rules for just one weapon. On which note, although I have yet another tweaked Daemonblade, I'm still not completely happy with it.

On the plus side, the new relics format means I have a full page if I want to expand it to use a truly beastly table. I'm still leaning towards two tables; one for boons and one for curses, with each power making it more likely you'll get something stronger but at the risk of a more serious curse.

I tweaked the Ordo Malleus operative bonus, which is now Leadership on 3D6 removing the highest, to make it a bit more useful. The Pariah's effect is a lot more powerful now, but I'm unsure of the cost; they're still pretty easy to pick off, but can seriously ruin a psyker's day I have been enjoying playing with the rules, particularly their flexibility.

Tried playing with a Daemonhost and it did about as well as I had hoped; got two turns of absolute carnage then got greedy and it broke containment.

I don't have access to the Imperial Agents codex yet, so I'm not sure how that's going to affect me going forward, though it doesn't sound all that revolutionary so I don't expect it will affect me much. So it turns out I uploaded the wrong file; I had another with a few further changes. I've also made some extra tweaks; for simplicity I've just uploaded this over v1. Daemonblade rules using my intended twin-tables; I knew I'd already done this, and here it is!

So the initial two powers have a narrow range of Boons and Curses that will leave you with a decent melee weapon and at least one fairly minor penalty, but as you add powers the risk and potential rewards increase considerably.

You can generate further powers at the start of each turn, which means you can potentially end the game with 8, but you will guarantee that you get every single curse on the table, but one hell of a melee weapon very likely granting psychic powers. I tweaked the Rogue Inquisitor detachment quite a bit; special units Daemonhost, Lexmechanic etc.

I've also clarified that the Rogue credo does not count against the limit you can download, so you can with a few exceptions have the same inquisitor under both the rogue and non-rogue detachments.

I've also changed the Victory at Any Costs rule to make it more of a gamble; it essentially grants re-rolls for both the unit making the Desperate Assault, but also all enemies that attack them, so it's a high risk gamble best taken when you're confident the enemy can't do much against you, or just for the hell of it in the final turn. Lastly, to take two or more vehicles in the Rogue detachment requires a Lexmechanic, which I feel makes sense as keeping vehicles intact would not be easy on the run.

This means that the most a Rogue can have is a Valkyrie in most cases. I got a good look at a copy of Codex: Deathwatch, and as a result I've removed all of the chamber militant options for the Ordo Xenos Task Force as they're not relevant; it's a pretty neat codex with more than enough options as it is! I loved Ordo-specific warband options into the appropriate task forces; along with this change I've also restricted Drop Pods to non-Rogues as it was another option that seemed weird since Drop Pods for non-Astartes should be quite rare, and it doesn't seem like Rogues would be able to find ships able to launch and recover them anyway.

The options changes meant I could re-add Cavalry Mounts and Bikes; operatives, savants and warbands without Brutes can choose between both, while Lexmechanics can only take Bikes but can add Smoke Launchers if they wish. I've omitted mounts for Pariahs and Sanctioned Psykers for now; I figure they'd spook Cavalry Mounts, and I'm not sure how balanced access to Bikes would be, as the Pariah's anti-psychic bubble is very strong, so having it fly around the table might be a bit OP ; of course they can still use a Rhino or Drop Pod for non-Rogues , but it puts the minimum cost of mobility to 35 points which seems about right to me.

Also I've added Inquisitor Greyfax; she's a little more interesting in my list as she's a Puritan Ordo Hereticus Psyker which you can't normally do , with the Gun Master credo to reinforce her ranged accuracy. That she has no Force Weapon means she works out a bit more cheaply at 90 points, which makes her fairly good I think, as she is not worth more IMO iirc Cadia puts her at another 60 points which is crazy , this gives a discount on this combo as she's not especially durable, plus she gets an interesting unique power and good Psychic defence.

I'm sure there are some other tweaks, but I'm not sure what they are; unlike Pages, iBooks Author doesn't have change tracking which makes it hard to remember what you did if you don't keep notes. Dakka 5. Member List. Recent Topics. Top Rated Topics. Forum Tools Forum Tools Search. I couldn't find much precedent for Hereticus using one, and Daemonhost weren't available in Codex: Witch Hunters, I could make them available again to Rogue Radicals, but it doesn't seem like something the Ordo Hereticus would be likely to accept, as no matter how powerful a psyker is, unleashing a daemon usually ranks as worse.

The main benefit is that they're pretty cheap but you're probably right, as they're not really durable enough to run on their own. That said, it's worth noting that their Leadership penalty doesn't affect the Pariahs themselves, so when they join a unit the unit uses the Pariah's leadership, so they can work well with mobile units gone psyker hunting.

I'll definitely have a think about it though, what about if they also had a Refractor Field like the Sanctioned Psyker? Yeah, I've made a few attempts to re-write this to be simpler or more streamlined to do but it's tricky; I like the accumulating power aspect, but representing the actual drain on the target is fiddly. Anything that affects the unit specifically could be too powerful if the template only slightly touches the unit, whereas requiring some portion of the unit to be affected could make it very hard to apply.

Per-model is annoying, though it's a relic so it's not like it should come up all the time. One alternative I had thought of was to add counters to the target for each point of energy drained, the unit must then re-roll this many 6's when rolling to hit with shooting attacks; this is a bit simpler, and not especially abusable as it's effectively losing one point of Ballistic Skill on a portion of your shots fired, the problem is how to decide which 6's to re-roll?

The tables wouldn't be random, but instead you have two points to assign allowing you to unlock the first ability of two tables, or first two abilities of one table, with abilities starting relatively weak but becoming much more powerful and more unreliable as you progress, and the ability to earn more points for kills? Certainly bears thinking about! Thanks for the great feedback! I'll start thinking about some tweaks to the list right away. Sure, I've tried to design the codex to be as flexible as possible, and you can always take unbound if a strike force lacks the exact combinations you need.

How do you envision the Ordo Chronus functioning on the battlefield? If I were doing it I'd probably use Ordo Xenos as a base, since they have all the extra toys and other unusual goodies which could represent strange equipment recovered from temporal investigations?

I haven't really thought much about other kinds of specialist detachment that might be worth including. Frozen Ocean: I've got a rough idea for new Daemonblade rules, similar in style to the Daemonhost but not based on random abilities. In other words, if your inquisitor can control their combats well they've got a good chance of just having a beastly sword, but if they get swarmed you can expect them to go out of control quickly since you can't choose not to attack iirc. I was thinking about making thier relics and wargear something akin to stasis bombs, easier reserves because of timing, Maybe even allowing some units to deepstrike first turn etc.

I am currently thinking about everything. I can use ordo xenos until me or my friends have come up with something. I was tinking about making rules for them because i needed a good reason for my horus heresy models showing up in the present. My friends told me that ordo chronus existed so we had a plan to create them and using the horus heresy models as chamber militant. Orod chronos is the most instresting ordo and it's a shame that they haven't been mentioned more or having rules.

If you have anymore ideas then you can send me a pm or write it in this post. If you mean images that are aligned over to the right, this is because I've left space for fluff, but was too lazy to write any or find some place to copy it from That makes sense.

Perhaps you should put an empty "insert fluff here" box beside them to make this clear to readers? I should have clarified my post after I looked it up. I had a feeling that the "daemon gun" was something I'd seen before, but I had to look up the hellrifle specifically because the hellgun is a lasgun variant. I meant that it wasn't your idea, it was introduced in 5th Edition. Still, the change from hellgun to hot-shot lasgun is something many people dislike, and I really don't think that the vanilla hellrifle is a necessary weapon for fluff or game mechanic.

A return of the classic Inquisitorial Stormtrooper would be welcomed, I feel. I much prefer this concept. It fits better with the theme of Daemon Weapons without being too powerful or too dangerous remember that the ones wielded by the actual forces of Chaos aren't ever D weapons - not even the Murder Sword! Randomness shouldn't be totally shied away from, though, since the Daemonblade abilities are all generally quite powerful.

I like the idea of an entry-level Daemonblade being relatively safe to use, while the truly powerful ones come with greater risks.

Again, though, bear in mind such relics as the Axe of Blind Fury; an Inquisitor's Daemonblade is meant to be "safe" relative to a true Chaos relic and weaker because of the wards suppressing the Daemon those same wards that can be loosened to risk some more power.

I underlined the bit that I really like. As for the Ordo Chronos, they shouldn't be used just as an excuse to get Heresy models in. Most Heresy stuff can be explained in 40k as ancient relics, anyway. True, I think I'll allow it then like you suggest. Thanks for reminding me, I completely forgot that the Culexus has been updated again! I ignored it because the old rules were a bit lacklustre but the new one is much more interesting.

I could use a toned down version, e. Probably increasing their cost to points as the ability to strip Maledictions is pretty powerful, but very, very useful. Yeah, I've tried again to come up with a good way to make it work as both a drain and syphon at the same time but it just gets too complicated. Hmm, just had another thought, but what about two tables, one for boons and one for curses, each time you increase the strength you roll on both, adding the number of powers to the results.

This would reduce the randomness for your first set of results to maybe two or three possibilities on each table, but open up the more powerful effects, especially with re-rolling duplicates. Roll a D6 for every unit containing a Jokaero and add 1 for every extra Jokaero in the unit you may have taken: 1 - Aesthetic Alteration: Jack shit. I hope you took at least 2 Jokaero to a unit, or you're one unlucky sod. Awesome with most any weapons but meltas and hotshot lasguns benefit the most.

This would be why you want a lot of storm bolters. You've seen what Eldar infantry can do, well, now you can do it too. But better. One of the only ways to get an Invulnerable save on an Inquisitor.

Fantastic if you have Arco-flagellants. Take a good, hard look at the "add 1 for every extra Jokaero" rule and the results from a roll of 6. Yup, followup sixes are wasted, and the more Jokaero you have the more sixes you'll get. A big mob of Jokaero can make a sweet heavy weapons team, but they won't be rolling many customizations.

Also, keep in mind that having several Jokaero per warband makes certain customizations impossible. Taking two will make sure you never roll Aesthetic Alterations, which is great, but having three means you also can't get the awesome Improved Gun Sights.

In general if you take more than 3 Jokaero you'll receive diminishing returns on the table, to the point that it can stop being worth it. If you actually want useful bonuses then try to limit it to at most and just get more units if you want more Jokaero. Dedicated Transports[ edit ] This is your main source of big guns, so be sure to get one Dedicated Transport for each unit if you can. Any allies you have will always thank you for one, as of 7th Edition Battle Brothers can take each other's transport.

This allows for cheesy combos like 5 allied Ogryns and a Priest in a Land Raider. Cheap, effective, and 2 Fire Points with that psybolt ammo upgrade will help give it a little extra power. Razorback : Another Space Marine vehicle ported over, with all the strengths and weaknesses intact. It's a much passed over option, 6 warrior acolytes with 3 bolters and 3 plasmaguns mounted in a Razorback with the stock twin-heavy bolter with psybolt ammo comes in under points and is pretty badass.

Land Raider - The Inquisition gets 3 of the variants.

All of them can use the Inquisitorial vehicle upgrades. Classic or Godhammer pattern Land Raider - 2 sets of twin-linked lascannons and a twin-linked heavy bolter. Carries 10 it was 12 in 5th edition until it got changed.

As schizophrenic as it is, you don't have too many other anti-tank options to choose from so you may as well use it as one. If you're allying in your Inquisitors to a different list, though, use their Anti-tank options.

Crusader - 2 sets of "Hurricane Bolters" 3 regular bolters, all twin-linked and 1 twin-linked Assault cannon, and the 6th edition changes to the rules have greatly improved its weapons. Carries 16! The Crusader WANTS to be up close, where it's short-ranged anti-infantry guns work wonders to support the squad it was escorting.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Inquisition(7E)

Give it Extra Armor, nothing sucks more than a stunned Land Raider. Psybolt Ammunition is a must-have as well, given all those Bolter shots you'll be firing with it. Carries Far nastier against infantry than the crusader, but needs to be up closer Also, it doesn't help that Flamestorm Cannons being mounted on the side means that the Redeemer can have difficulty hitting things directly in front of it but that shouldn't matter too much since you're using this to get your assault troops in range anyhow, right?

Multi-Melta optional, but nice. And the cherry on top: 10 points cheaper than the other two Land Raider varieties. Remember, you may not be allowed to snap shot templates, but power of the machine spirit means you can move 12" and still make someone extra crispy. And did I mention that it can upgrade itself with Psyflame ammo for only 15 points?

Don't put it near enemy heavy armour, but a solid tank overall. The real bonus here is that it's a dedicated transport in an Inquisitorial list, where Marine non-Siege armies are stuck taking it as an Elites choice and have to sacrifice a FOC slot.

When taken as allies, Inquisitors can take it as a transport for a cheap dude and still leave Marine players with the three full elite slots to play with. Chimera : This is the best choice, right here.

The king of the Metal Boxes. Jokaero and Heavy Weapon Servitors love these things because 5 models can fire out the top hatch. The most cost-effective transport by far and has a decent amount of transport slots, allowing a full Inquisition squad to go in it. Change out the turret to a bolter and grab Psybolt for S6 AP4 goodness. Throw in a storm bolter for additional pea-shooting which will surprise the heck out of an opponent when you glance their Rhino or blow up their Raider.

Overall, there's nothing bad to say about the Chimera! This vehicle right here enhances the notion that the Big I is meant to be played as an allied detachment. Think of all the goodies you could put on the back of this baby. If its infantry and carries a big gun, five slots to fire out from a Chimera should fit anybody. Valkyrie : Grav chute insertion might be useful in some cases, and it's the only flyer you've got not to mention your only reliable anti-air defense.

It starts with extra armor and a searchlight too. Pretty sweet. It doesn't get access to the Armory.

Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Inquisition(7E)

Really, why you'd put a Dozer Blade on a Valk is beyond me, but Unless you're purposefully spamming as many Valkyries as possible into a single list, save those Dedicated Transport options for other vehicles, see why below Fortifications[ edit ] Are not an option in the Inquisitorial detachment.

Aegis Defence Lines: Not on your own, you don't. If you're going to Ally Guard, or another similar gunline army, then yeah. I'd say go for it, but flying solo? Stay clear. Skyshield Landing Pad: Well. It, uh, looks nice. However, a Valkyrie can be positioned on it at the start of the game with the Ready for Takeoff formation that gets you a guaranteed flier on turn 2 without reserves. Still, as with the Aegis Defence Line, you don't just want it on your own.

Save it for another flier if your detachment you're allied with has one. Unless you're using Salamanders or Sisters as allies, that is: let them, and your Jokaero, hang out behind it and deal out flaming death with the Pipeline's ability to change any flame weapon's type to "Heavy 1, Torrent".

In that case, well Flame on! Imperial Bastion: Huh It has potential as a command tower, but Fortress of Redemption : Upgrade an inquisitor with divination and hide out in the missile bunker while your allies do all your fighting for you. Or just stand the Inquisitor on top of the tower with a Conversion Beamer and Orbital relay and just have him scream rage down upon your foes.

Detachments[ edit ] Castellans of the Imperium[ edit ] Found in Gathering Storm: Fall of Cadia, this detachment skirts the line between using no force org, and being battle forged. Then build the army around the units in there different unit organizations. Ok, so its not that clear cut.

The detachment basically lists what units by name can be used in what position. Inquisition offer some interesting HQs, and the assassins offer powerful elites. Other then this, best looking at other armies to fill out that force org chart.

An interesting note on Inquisition in the detachment, you can use either the datasheet from Black Library or Codex Imperial Agents. Preference will be your main guide in this area. Aside from giving open reign with you army construction, the detachment gives you some other nice benefits. Hatred for all. Yep, everyone in the detachment gains hatred. Even better, if you fill out the force org chart, all the units gain Zealot instead. Chenkov fun. Yep, if a troop unit is destroyed, it has the chance to be in on-going reserves.

Add in that you have no upper limit on the number of troops you may take, and you have some combat staying power. Just hope its not a kill point battle. Build a Imperial Crusade. Basically, take what you want to create the perfect army that you always wanted. The detachment has some problems, though. Points cost. You think getting that Zealot is cheap? You are wrong.

Three Lord of War Choices ain't cheap. Not to mention the number of heavy support, troop, HQ, elite, and fast attack choices you need to fill out that Force Org. Multiple armies. For this detachment, you need at least two of the armies listed. So if you are starting out, this is not the detachment for you.

This Detachment is large if you plan on filling it out. Having all those books, rules, and units can be daunting. Except that from Forgeworld Emails, all of their 'dreadnoughts' count as Dreadnoughts for the purposes of formations just remember that the Leviathan's Relic of Darkness rule means that he can't claim the formation benefits, even if you put him in there.

In addition, all of their Badab War Characters count as their respective type for formations. That being said, units in armies such as Space Wolves, Dark Angels, Blood Angels, and the like cannot be taken in this detachment.

However, Assassins themselves can never be joined with any characters or roll a Warlord Trait, so choose your main FOC with care. Elites[ edit ] Vindicare Assassin - The most expensive of the four at , but it comes with some serious power. Unlike the other assassins he isn't really best suited for combat, while he is no slouch in combat if he is charging the enemy you really aren't using him properly. His Spy Mask gives him Ignores Cover with all of his shooting.

Warhammer 40,/Tactics/Inquisition(7E) - 1d4chan

So while he can pretty much say, "I don't give a fuck about your saves", this does lend to some pretty ridiculous cheese. In addition to the -2 LOS! Either way, on that turn, all enemies can only fire snap-shots at them meaning she is likely to actually survive a round of shooting before charging in to gut the warlord or target. In a more meta way, the Callidus also allow you to re-roll on Seize and force a MASSIVE -3 penalty on the opponent's first reserve roll not turn , screwing him over on a vital deep-striking force.

This also means that Callidus should never be going up against Fortifications or vehicles of any sort. Though her abilities and weapons can basically guarantee death for a selected target be perfectly willing to sacrifice her if things go wrong after the target is dead and your opponents throws everything at killing her.

Eversor Assassin - The cheapest of the pack though not by much. In addition to that, they can ignore armor saves in combat, with 6's to-wound causing ID while just hitting psykers will ID them.

They also inflict -3Ld to all psykers within 12" of them, forcing them to not generate Warp Charges a seriously risky move in 7E with the Psychic Phase , only being able to harness psychic powers on a 6.

However, as a bonus, they're utterly immune to psychic powers and if anyone else gets hit by a malediction or blessing, they'll automatically lose it the moment they get within 12" of the Culexus Which can backfire on you if you accidentally put a squad within that range, costing you that glorious Invisibility , so be careful when using him in psyker heavy armies like Grey Knights or just any army with psykers as while powerful it can really hurt your synergy.

Their trademark weapon, the Animus Speculum, has also been reworked in 7E; the thing will only fire in the Psychic Phase meaning no overwatch, though snap-firing is allowed , being an 18" S5 AP1 weapon with Assault X X being the ML of all psykers within 12" of the Culexus, with the option to add up to 3 more Warp Charges to the weapon , making it a potentially deadly hail of doom among psyker-heavy armies like the Grey Knights and Eldar.

His Etherium Helmet has been confirmed by the big damn FAQ to ignore Tau Markerlight spam, since it always forces attacks down to BS1, so no matter how many markerlight drone network cheese your local Tau player throws at him, he still hits the Culexus on 6s. Assassinorum Execution Force[ edit ] All Assassins pooled together. This can actually be a quite useful secondary detachment as all four assassins are a decent pointsink for an army that lacks such a thing, and are all very powerful in their own right.

Imperial Agents[ edit ] A throwback to the Witchhunters and Daemonhunters codices of old, the codex includes a formation and a detachment for Inquisition. The formation, in particular, allows for an Inquisitor to add a retinue of agents from their dedicated chambers militant in addition to their warband.

Inquisition specific information is available here. Building your Army[ edit ] Step One: Figure out what you're doing with your Inquisitorial Detachment and which army it's allying to. If you're going to ally your guys with Marines, grabbing some extra bodies and taking Coteaz is a great way to get extra scoring, for instance. Once you get a good idea of what you're going to ally into, you can start off. No matter what, you'll usually need a few acolytes, unless you're just having the guy run around on his own.

It's fair game, but the Inquisitorial Henchmen have access to the transports, not the Inquisitors. For weaponry on these guys, I'd recommend grabbing the Special Weapon guys.

Meltas and Plasma are a good option, as most armies lack ways of putting more then one in a squad without making the cost skyrocket. You usually can't go wrong with a bit of plasma in any list. I'd recommend grabbing a Chimera as well. I have used them as Acolytes and arco flagellants, and people are pretty ok with it. Just make sure to file off the chaos sigils and stuff. Now get to kitbashing!

Step Three: Toy about with what you're taking out of your normal lists for Inquisition.

If you're going to just add an Inquisitor, where will he stand, what will you need to do to make sure he's protected? Step Four: Experiment and Playtest.

They don't stand that well on their own due to the fact that they're missing 3 FOC slots , but you can easily make them into the most dangerous thing on the field if your opponent has other things to worry about. More then any other, Inquisition Detachments are about finding the balance between your squishy support HQ Inquisitor and the rest of your army.

Allies[ edit ] As a result of the unique FOC and Inquisitorial Detachment rules, this section will focus more on how you can be a more effective ally to a main detachment than how well the other factions can act as your allies.

Keep in mind that when an Inquisitorial detachment is used in addition to another allied detachment, both relationships will be used e.

For simplicity's sake, the following section assumes that you are the only allied detachment present. Battle Brothers[ edit ] Imperial Guard: Probably the best bet for an ally, both in practice and in a fluffy list. You can take the specialized weapons that they can't, and provide nice fire support with a good shooty unit that's loaded to the gills with Marine killin' weapons. Deliver that Nemesis hammer to the face. Militarum Tempestus: Like allying with Dark Eldar Thankfully without one eye open , they're squishy on their own but very fast with their own Valkyries.

They don't get the big guns or numbers of the Imperial Guard, but you can bring the big guns with the Conversion Beamer, Razorbacks, Land Raiders and Jokaero. Team up with Sisters of Battle also and you're back in 2nd Edition with Witchhunters, baby! Space Marines: Blobs of Acolytes are your best bet with Space Marines- you give them some extra strength in numbers while they give you some extra bulk and deal with the tougher enemies that you're not suited to fighting yourself e. MCs, named ICs.

A good choice as an ally to support. Now the Vanilla chapters got Divination back on their Librarians. Still, get those cheap as chips warp charges in their army! Sisters of Battle: An interesting blend here.

You get a ton of anti-infantry with Sisters and ways to get around Cover saves without giving up your precious Prescience.

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